Hi. I'm Tara. I'm 21 years old, still figuring out life..love..and boys. One day at a time. This is why i write songs.


I taught myself guitar when i was 13 years old... I literally stayed up every night till I couldn't feel my fingers until I perfected my first song. I've never stopped playing since. 


A few things have inspired me to write & play music..

#1. Life.

#2. Writing all of my feelings down.. a lot of the time i will go through a situation which either makes me really excited..really happy..really in love..really sad..really mad..really heartbroken or, all of the above. The only way i know how to deal with these emotions now is to write about them. There is something extremely exciting & satisfying about writing a song about someone who may or may not know its actually about them..but secretly you're telling them all these great or..not so great things about how they have affected you..a moment which to them may have been nothing but to you has stayed in your mind for days and was everything.

This is when we come to... 

#3. Love. I've always been fascinated by love & feelings..not just because i'm one of those fairytale-happy endings kind of girls, but because we all deal with Love in an amazing or tragic or sparkling way and there's really nothing we can do about it..or no way to know how its going to turn out. Yet we never seem to give up on this crazy thing. That's what i love about love.


I honestly owe everything to the people (YOU) who listen to my music or even just visit my websites! It means the world to me that at least someone out there enjoys & cares about my music. So thank you :) (yes you reading this).


If you'd like to keep in touch with my musical journey keep checking back to this site regularly & feel free to chat to me on any of my social media links above!

                                                                                  xx T